a few of the souls I've supported with care.

Jana such an intuitive, tapped in holistic practitioner. I’ve struggled my whole life with UTI & yeast infections. It’s been hard  to have an enjoyable sex life and my body has become adapted to antibiotics. When I reached out to Jana, I was on a 3rd round of antibiotics for a UTI that had lasted 2 months. I was depleted, miserable and in pain. She jumped on the phone with me immediately and deeply listened with zero judgment. Her questions are deep, thoughtful and get to the root of what’s going on. She’s so easy to talk to. We came up with a protocol that worked within my budget. I immediately started to feel better and I’m so excited at the road head to heal from the inside out. From start to finish my experience with Jana was eye opening, illuminating, safe and so healing. She’s truly the best!

Natalie ~

My Breast Health & Lymphatic sessions with Jana have been so beneficial and informative.  As a newly nursing mother, my breasts have changed so much and my self care is crucial to my well being.  Sometimes its a little painful, but the pain is productive and I know we're supporting the health and well being of my breast tissue and lymphatic system.   I can feel the lymph moving when we do the work together and I always feel better after the sessions.   It feels good to work with a practitioner who you can discuss changes in and feel she is invested in your long term well being.  I'd recommend this treatment to any nursing momma its a self care we should all be doing for the health of our breasts.

Jill Sutherland

My Healing Ceremony session with Jana was one of the most profound healing experiences I have ever had. I felt completely safe and cared for  every step of the way. Jana  masterfully guided me into the depths of my being and into places that I was ready to love, reclaim, release, and transform. Before our journey we connected in a relaxed and happy way, and she kindly asked me questions which I later understood provided her with a roadmap to guide and support me during the journey. She set the ceremony space in a sweet and artful way, held a very strong and loving container, and stayed dedicated to me and my healing process. We had moments of sweet silence and moments of deep exploration. She respectfully works with the medicine in what I would call a truly shamanic way. I have met many healers, guides, and teachers over the years, and I can say from experience that Jana is a pure channel, a woman of service, and exhibits the highest intentions for her clients and for all beings. She holds great wisdom and reverence for nature, the elements, plants, guides, and ancestors. She is also a brilliant body worker and wellness counselor, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for physical, emotional, or mental healing.
Oh also - I felt like we accomplished years of psychotherapy in a mater of hours, and I was able to embody and integrate the wisdom and compassion that came forth from the session.

Molly Irene

Thank you for taking care of me with the body work... I really appreciate it. I was feeling into my body last night and all the deeper energy moving through all of me, and feeling gratitude for your attention in this way w/ releasing and opening my body and all its connected stories. Tears were pouring out of me a lot of movement... I’m learning that there are many men who can’t so easily cry, so grateful that I get right to it.

Zebu R.