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Today we have access to some of the most intuitive and intelligent plants on earth. Mother Earth’s sacred plants have provided for us a universe of learning, teaching and healing.


We take these plants in ceremony to heal our spirit and body.

I will support and/or facilitate a personal guided journey with you and one of our ancient sacred plant medicines in order to uncover the root of the manifestation that you are experiencing. This will allow for an opening into a deeper connection to the divine source of self love and healing.  


These sessions are highly custom and range from a four hour session to multi-day location solo or group based work. 


Please connect for a consult,  a detailed health and contraindication assessment is required prior to booking a session.

Exchange for private sessions range and a good rule of thumb is a contribution of 1% your annual income.  Sliding scale and payment plans available to those who demonstrate financial need. 

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Guided Healing Ceremony

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