Let's return to the roots, lets look at the bigger picture, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and support your body to return to health.

Educated detoxification guidance and protocol how-to support inspiring and empowering you on your own healing journey. Together we will uncover a detoxification method that will best serve you and your body’s specific needs. This may mean implementing a mono-diet, juice detox, herbal detox, colon and liver flush or a gallbladder detox for your healing process.  We will discuss supplies, how-to's and timelines.  We will also go through what to expect on your detox journey and learn about " Healing Reactions ".  


Protocol development starts at $250 + $75 check in maintenance calls or Skype sessions

*excludes herbs and detox supplies


Lets talk cycle changes, heat, swelling, tenderness, lumps and bumps, milk ducts and self exam.   I'm passionate about accurate education about how our lymphatic system works to support breast health and wellness.   I take an Ayurvedic and Gerson approach to balancing breast imbalances.   I will work with you to do a lymphatic breast massage and a personal self exam, we will discuss together what we find.  

I offer a workshop and deep intensive exploration of understanding our lymphatic system and why it is the key to our health.   We will uncover common myths and fears around moving the lymph.  Basic anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, herbs, oils and hand manipulation techniques to move the lymph including Castor Packs, Guasha, Massage and Exercises.   Together we will transform your fears into self empowerment around your breast health.    

Breast Checks and Breast Lymphatic Massage Sessions are 90 min and offered at a sliding scale of $150-250

FULL BODY LYMPH SESSIONS offered at $350-500 sliding scale and are 3hr. minimum specialized treatments include steaming, moxabustion, netra basti ect. and are catered to your bodies needs.


*no one turned away due to lack of funds please contact if you need special consideration.


I want you to love your breasts and all of the amazing parts that make you woman!  Lets get into it. Let's talk lumps, bumps, and tenderness.  Let’s talk hormones, HPV, herpes, yeast and irregular menstrual cycles.  Let me inspire and empower you on your own healing journey.  I'm passionate about calling back the power of women in order for them to heal their breasts and yoni's. Returning your goddess power back to you!  I will support your healing through detox, hands on body-work lymph drainage therapy, breast exam, womb work, herbs, energy and spiritual plant medicine journeys.  Together, we will support the unwinding and re-balancing of your reproductive system and overall health.  For this work, after phone consultation I suggest we meet one-on-one when possible for pulse assessment, hands-on bodywork and integrated support.


Sessions average up to three hours and include a mix of hands-on bodywork, emotional support, and herbal remedy and detox.   

Sessions are offered at a sliding scale of $350 - $500


Today we have access to some of the most intuitive and intelligent plants on earth. Mother Earth’s sacred plants have provided for us a universe of learning. We take these plants to heal our spirit and body.

I will support and/or facilitate a personal guided journey with you and one of our ancient sacred plant medicines in order to uncover the root of the manifestation that you are experiencing. This will allow for an opening into a deeper connection to the divine source of self love and healing.  

These sessions are highly custom and range from a four hour session to multi-day location based work. Please connect for a consultation.

Let’s go back to basics. Together.


I will support your journey of healing through a deeper look into your emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages. Together we will become aware of those imbalances and blocks in order to process and move them out of your system. This holistic method will support your body in detoxing and returning to an ideal state of health and well-being.

I’ve followed a deep calling thanks to my guiding intuition. It uncovered the truth of how each of us holds the key to our own healing and how our mind, body, and spirit are intrinsically connected.

I aim to empower through education, hands on healing, and self care directives, using various modalities including herbs, massage, bodywork, system detoxification's, sound healing, emotional release, plant medicine and lifestyle modifications.   

You are your body’s healer. I will support you by cultivating the tools to listen to your body’s deepest needs and draw a road-map back to balance state of being.

Chief Rolling Thunder

" People have given their health to their Dr., their soul to their preacher, their money to their banker and in doing so have lost the ability to create their lives. "


The Investment Starts Here

Consultation sessions start at a sliding scale of $75 - $150 for an introductory call up to 50 min.

From there we will develop a protocol plan and additional calls or in-person sessions.