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90 min - Breast Lymphatic Care


Lets talk cycle changes, heat, swelling, tenderness, lumps, bumps, milk ducts and self exam.   I'm passionate about accurate education about how our lymphatic system works to support breast health and wellness.  

I take an Ayurvedic, herbal and Gerson approach to balancing breast imbalances.   I will work with you to do a lymphatic breast massage and a personal self exam, we will discuss together what we find. 


This session is a deep intensive exploration of understanding your emotional relation with your breast health and its impact on your lymphatic system.  We will uncover common myths and fears around moving the lymph.  Basic anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, herbs, oils and hand manipulation techniques to move the lymph including castor packs, guasha, massage and exercises.   Together we will transform your fears into self empowerment around your breast health.    

Breast Lymphatic Massage Sessions are 90 min and offered at a sliding scale of $180-250


Please contact for custom in-home appointments.

* travel fee applies

Cancellation or reschedule with in 72hr no additional fees. 

Cancellation or reschedule within 24hrs will result in full session fee due.

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