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Through the lens of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda​ we will uncover the truth around our lymph system and immunity. Ayurveda means the “Science of Life “ in this intimate workshop we will create a safe container to explore our tissue understanding our own unique balances and imbalances.  I focus on educating and empowering you around your lymphatic system and its crucial role in supporting our immunity and breast health.  Whether you are and established health professional, interested in breast cancer prevention, a nursing mamma, post-menopausal or simply wanting holistic education to support your breasts, this workshop is for any woman who wants to learn more ways to prevent or unwind imbalances in her breast and reproductive system.  

As a daughter of a mother who passed of breast cancer, this is the education I wish we all had.


Together we will..
* learn the basics of the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system
* learn the role of the lymphatic system in the health of our breasts
* discuss common health concerns for women & the role of contributing lifestyle and diet factors
* learn daily self-care techniques for lymph drainage and manipulation
* discuss the mind/body connection by looking at the neuroendocrine relation our thoughts and emotions play in our health
* learn how to interpret the breast tissue and holistically care for our breasts
* experience through hands on support and teaching for various techniques

WHOLEWMN is an Ayurvedically Trained Holistic Health Practitioner & Artist living and teaching in Virginia. She has been giving holistic breast checks and supporting holistic breast education in her private practice and at women’s gatherings since 2016. This work is shared with permission of the lineage holder and has grown out of a grassroots community-based initiative The Areola by DeAnna Batdorff.



Supporting Lymphatic Breast Care since 2016

I am Jana, of Whole WMN 

Receiving my first breast lymphatic massage and holistic breast check years ago at Herbal Women's Symposium changed my life and my fear around breast cancer and taught me my cystic picture was reverseable and didn't have to be my normal.  I saw just how neglected this part of our body is in modern therapy and massage.  I went on to study and train learning holistic breast massage and continued my training  in Ayruveda. I honed my technique and skills supporting hundreds and hundreds of women at Spiritweavers Gathering since 2016 in OR, The Gaia Gathering, VA since 2021 and most recently at Matriarch Rising Festival, NC. 

Lymphatic Breast Massage & Holistic Breast Checks 


** in your email requesting an appointment please let me know your preferred date and time. 


​This session supports healthy lymphatic flow in the breast & chest.  We focus on moving, and nourishing the lymph in the  upper torso, upper arm, neck and breast area. 

As I warm and move lymph flow we will discuss what I am feeling, we can go deep into clearing and creating change through softening scar tissue, draining cysts, and moving blocked emotion, pain and stagnation. This can also be a more soft and gentle experience, offering nourishment and working on the more subtle and emotional realms.


Together we will map the terrain of your breast tissue, through an Ayurvedic elemental lens. So you can have a sense of what's going on in your breasts, if there are imbalances to tend to, and what your ‘normal’ is like.  

I will share educational information about breast health and how to nourish vitality. When appropriate, I offer tools, remedies and self-care practices you can take home with you.  These are tools to support change, prevent dis-ease, create more balance, and uplift your own relationship with your breasts.  

If we find something we are curious about and ore information is needed we can have a conversation about nexts. 

Lymphatic Breast Sessions Support  


-  Mastitis and breastfeeding support 

- Breast pain and tenderness

- Releasing emotion carried in heart chakra 

- Cystic pictures 

- Fibroadenomas

- Fibrocystic breast tissue

- Blocked, clogged or encapsuelated lymph 

- Working scar tissue

- Lumps you are curious or concerned about 

- Disconnection or body image issues with your breasts 

- Back pain associated with breast weight  

- Cancer diagnosis & treatment

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