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Detox 101

With so many ways to detox out there, and everyone's way being " The Way " my approach to detoxification is more holistic.  We will discuss your condition and personal needs, we may elect to have some labs or blood work to understand the root cause of a dis-ease.   Through my experience in Gerson Therapy, Ayurveda and herbal detoxification remedy we will develop a detoxification protocol and how-to support you where you are and develop steps to get you where you want to be. 


Having personally used detox to create massive changes in my health from allergies, to chronic bronchial issues to hair-loss, hemorrhoids and viral loads, I am confident that  can inspire and empower you on your own healing journey.


Together we will uncover a detoxification method that will best serve you and your body’s specific needs. This may mean implementing a mono-diet, juice detox, herbal detox, metal chelation, colon and liver flush or a gallbladder detox for your healing process.  We will discuss supplies, budget, asking for support how-to's and timelines.  We will also go through what to expect on your detox journey and learn about " Healing Reactions ".  



$350 for our 90min introductory call 

Includes a follow up plan and next steps protocol. 

We then schedule 

  45 min - checkin biweekly vis phone or Zoom sessions


*excludes herbs, in-person practitioner support, therapies and detox supplies

You Can Do This!

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