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Detox 101

With so many ways to detox out there, and everyone's way being " The Way " my approach to detoxification is more holistic.  We will discuss your condition and personal needs, we may elect to have some labs or blood work to understand the root cause of a dis-ease.   Through my experience in Gerson and herbal detoxification remedy we will develop a detoxification protocol and how-to support to inspire and empower you on your own healing journey. Together we will uncover a detoxification method that will best serve you and your body’s specific needs. This may mean implementing a mono-diet, juice detox, herbal detox, metal chelation, colon and liver flush or a gallbladder detox for your healing process.  We will discuss supplies, budget, asking for support how-to's and timelines.  We will also go through what to expect on your detox journey and learn about " Healing Reactions ".  


Protocol development starts with an initial consultation at range from $350-500 depending on depth of protocol and contraindication research needed.  


  40 min - bi-weekly check calls or Zoom sessions $75

*excludes herbs and detox supplies

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