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3Hr Full Body Lymphatic Massage

In Ayruveda we believe the lymphatic system is our River of Life, and it is our immune sytem. This session is recommended for anyone really ready for deep change.  Moving stuck emotions, heat, opening pockets of stagnation and cold opening  physical " Stuck " out of the body.   When we move our lymph we are supporting our immune system and opening up " flow " in our lives. This session is  highly customized and includes a pulse assessment,  custom heating or cooling oils, hot towels, and guasha lymphatic technique with cupping.  We may elect to work on stuck lymph with moxibustion ( mugwort ) or other Ayurvedic techniques including pindi, ending with a Ayruvedic Ghee netra-basti. 


This session is  3hrs. arrive 15 minutes before your schedule session. It is advisable to have an open schedule after your session for integration, rest and to drink plenty of fluids.  Our session will conclude with dietary recommendations and herbal suggestions for what we find in working through your full body lymph.  Unless working on shifting a serious manifestation I suggest having this work quarterly or as your budget allows.

Fee is $350 - $550 sliding scale.

Please contact for custom in-home appointments.

* travel fee applies

Cancellation or reschedule with in 72hr no additional fees. 

Cancellation or reschedule with in 24hrs will result in full session fee due.

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