Healer Heal Thyself


When I was in high school I was fixed on a path to sports medicine. I excelled at anatomy and personal training and loved learning about the body.  During my senior year, my head trainer Lisa encouraged me to pursue photography after having seen my art show.  Lisa’s encouragement lead me down the path of art and photography eventually graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a photography, film, and communications degree.   

My paths of Art & Healing have been tied since.  At the age of 20 it was my passion for exploration, discovery, and photography which lead me towards the direction of the healing arts. While on a photo workshop in the desert southwest i found myself in Penasco, New Mexico where I met, assisted and studied with a Navajo Medicine man by the name of Tuk.  I learned some of the traditional ways of the natural medicine he practiced with the people.  


I’ve always had a curiosity about the body and after watching my mother be failed by our traditional western approach to dis-ease (re: cancer),  I continued my own self healing journey and came to uncover what I call "Real Medicine" or "Natural Healing".   In 2015 I met my now teacher Deanna Bartdorff of The Dhyana Center and in  2016 I decided to proceed further into this space by adding solid credentials to my years of study and self learning so that I can offer my healing work to the world. 


It has been a true gift to have supported numerous individuals for a plethora of dis-ease manifestations ranging from allergies to asthma, yeast, herpes, HPV, womb issues, endocrine hormonal balance, candida, digestion imbalances, breast and prostate cancer and diabetes.


An ordained minster of the Universial Life Church of Oregon. A Gerson trained detox juice therapist and graduate of the dhyana  School for Ayurveda  in Sebastopol, CA.  and in  2019 I became a IAKP certified Kambo Practitioner.  With my credentials as an Ayurvedic Specialist in  I'm currently working towards my 1500 clinical hours for Practitioner licensing.  Additionally, I am Reiki certified and trained in intuitive bodywork and massage.  Over the last five years, I’ve been guided in extensive training with plant medicine for holding and creating safe and sacred space for personal guided healing ceremonies and multi-day treatments.

Blessings, In Community We Heal

~ Jana Cruder