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Healer Heal Thyself


 When it comes to healing the body, there are no truer words. I’ve followed a deep calling to listen to my intuition regarding the truth of how each of us holds the key to our own healing. The mind, body, and spirit are intrinsically connected and it is through that understanding and integration that true healing can begin.


I have a deep passion and an unwavering curiosity to get to the root of imbalance within the Self as a whole. It has been a true gift to have supported numerous individuals over the years in the unraveling of their various manifestations of dis-ease—from allergies to asthma, yeast, HSV, HPV, womb issues, endocrine hormonal balance, candida, digestion imbalances, breast health, prostate cancer, and diabetes.

Since 2016 I have been supporting holistic breast checks, lymphatic breast massage and breast lymph workshops at the Spiritweavers Gathering supporting hundreds or women in their breast health. In 2021 I supported women at The Gaia Gathering in VA and most recently in 2023 Matriarch Rising Festival in NC.  


As an ordained minister, Gerson-trained detox therapist, and graduate of The dhyana School for Ayruveda, where I studied with DeAnna Batdorff.  My extensive background in the healing arts provides me with the tools that I need to have a full picture of how best to bring my clients to a state of Whole Wellness. In 2019, as a means to deepen my process, I became an IAKP certified Kambo Detox Practitioner to offer clients a powerful plant therapy for detoxification, inflammation reduction, and immune support for chronic conditions. Nature holds so much wisdom and healing—when we integrate plant medicine with deep intention, so much is possible. In honoring plant medicine, I offer services to hold and create a safe and sacred space for private guided healing ceremonies and multi-day integrated sessions including detoxification, lymphatic bodywork, and plant medicine treatments.


You are your body’s healer. I will support you to cultivate the tools to listen to your body’s deepest needs and draw a roadmap back to a balanced state of being. 


In Community We Heal,

~ Seven

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