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Viral Load Protocol

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Viruses are an essential part of our ecosystem, however living with a viral load can be very challenging. The fact that our medical system doesn't recognize those challenges makes it even more confusing.   I specialize in supporting individuals recently exposed to or living with Herpes, EBV and Hpv.  


My non-traditional and somewhat radical viewpoint on to how & why these virus's manifest and take hold in our bodies gives my approach to clearing it a solid foundation.  


I believe anything can change and have seen just that.  Weather we lull it into remission  ( non-expression ) or we support it to reduce and ultimately release ( die-off )  we will together uncover a pathway to right relationship and regaining emotional, physical and spiritual balance.  

My approach involves an initial deep-dive consultation 90 min $350

From there I will share a customized viral release plan starting at $2000

Additionally  we will then schedule  bi-monthly check in's and protocol support calls & in-person hands on sessions  

( payment plans available )


This process is highly customized, and lengthy for some,  quick for others and everyone's journey is completely unique.

My approach and protocol involves education on what a virus is and its role in the earths ecosystem then support you understanding from an elemental theory its role and relationship to our bodies how and why it is here and how it's cycles relate to your emotional and physical state.


The approach works with and supports the unlocking the anchor points to its manifestation including.

* Education understanding how and why it manifests as it does

* Emotional root addressing addictive mental cycle and viral cycle and obsessive behaviors

* Trauma support & healing work around root

* Lifestyle and dietary modifications

* Herbal cleansing, fasting and immune boosting therapies to weaken the viral load

* Detoxification of multiple systems  to loosen the hold of the cycle of viral manifestations in the body

* Alkalizing the body & blood & Ameroli Therapy

* Plant medicine ceremony to release the virus & story.

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