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Sharing my passion of health and wellness with the community though a series of subject specific workshops.




Jan 10 & 11 - RAMA in VENICE

Through the lens of the ancient wisdom of Ayruveda we will uncover the truth around our lymph system and immunity.
Ayruveda means the “ Science of Life “ in this learning lab I  focus on educating and empowering you around your lymphatic system and its crucial role in supporting our immunity and breast health.  Weather you are interested in breast cancer prevention, a nursing mamma, or post menopausal and wanting to support your breasts this learning lab is designed for any woman and her partner who wants to learn more ways to prevent or unwind imbalances in her breast and reproductive system.  

As a daughter of a mother who passed of breast cancer, this is the education I wish we all had, and thus I feel its important to bring to my community.

We will together
* learn the basics of the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system
* learn the role of the lymphatic system in the health of our breasts
* discuss common health concerns for women & the role of contributing lifestyle and diet factors
* learn daily self care techniques for lymph drainage and manipulation
* discuss the mind/body connection by looking at the neuroendocrine relation our thoughts and emotions play in out health
* learn how to interpret the breast tissue and holistically care for our breasts
* experience through hands on support and teaching for various techniques

40 minute break out session + individual sign up's for holistic breast checks.



Coming Soon

101 ways to detox
You know you need to do a detox, but where do you start and is it safe? Many people spend hundreds of $’s and still are unsure if the detox programs they are doing are effective for their specific conditions. Every body is different and thus everyone can benefit from learning some detox basics and supporting a customized plan for your unique needs.  Through the lens of the Gerson Method for Detoxification & the wisdom of the Ayurvedic philosophy we will together learn
* detox basics of how, when and why

* review the best juicers for juicing
* review of the anatomy of the colon and its functions and supporting organs and glands
* learn home remedies to detoxification and some things to avoid
* review some common detox related “ healing reactions “ and how to remedy them
* learn the importance of cleansing and flushing the liver and walk through a liver flush protocol and how to
* discuss and learn about coffee enemas and why we should love them
* learn how to do additional detox therapies that are supportive to the detoxification process including herbal support, clay packs and castor oil packs
* share detoxification juice recipes and mono-diet plans


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